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Every journey begins with a purpose. SerendibBeginnings is my personal journey in the blogosphere! I am on it to share with others my passion for cooking and my interest in better health via prevention and persistence.

Why I chose to call this blog Serendib Beginnings?

“Serendib” is a Persian name formerly used to call my homeland, Sri Lanka. I don’t know why or how, the name had always resonated with me positively. For reasons beyond my comprehension, the sound of it makes me feel a ray of hope and happiness in my heart. And frequently it even makes me smile. Hence, “Serendib” came about!

And Beginnings…There are many “beginnings” in our lives as we are constantly starting and ending many journeys! Each journey elicits a different emotion, lets us experience life in a different light, teaches us to how to get up and move on from a fall and guides us to a place where we ultimately want to go!  The most amazing thing is, our journey is unique to us! Each beginning is a beginning.

Hence  “Serendib Beginnings”!

SerendibBeginnings will be a little space, my little space in the blogosphere where my experiences of trying to lead a healthier life will be shared. In addition, I will also include little musings about just everyday life as I experience them. Most importantly and perhaps, more interestingly, I will share quick, healthy and sometimes indulging recipes here with the idea of making it available not only to my friends and family who frequently ask me for it,  but also for the bigger world out there that might stumble upon this space from time to time.

As I continue this journey, I would have met the purpose if I could influence one other human being to do something for themselves and those around them.

If your browsing landed you here, I sincerely hope you will take a moment to share your feedback. I value your input and support!

Happy Beginnings!

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