Fitness update

It’s been a while since I posted an update on my fitness journey, so I thought it is about time.

After that episode aggravating my lower back couple of months ago, I took about a week off from any fitness routine. Even a very slow walk was painful. Like I mentioned sometime back, I knew I had to find a happy medium to continue to exercise while at the same time listening to the clear clues given by my body.

So, after attempting a training plan to eventually run at 6mph, I tried to ease back to about 5.5mph. After a day of that I realized that was a bit much as well. After a couple of weeks of trial (and yep, error), I found my happy medium at last! It’s no more than 5.3mph. Yes, weird I know. Even a 0.2mph difference has an impact on how my body react! Hmph!

At least I feel good knowing how hard I can push myself and how I should protect my body from any exercise induced injuries. I do focus on ample amount of pre and post workout stretching. Deep stretches for about 5 minutes on each end.

I am continuing to exercise 4-6 days a week and feeling stronger and healthier. So, I say, let’s keep it going!


For any of you that might have been reading about my 8-week training plan to run….

My last week of the 8-week plan came to a screeching halt mid-week. I guess I must have “thrown” my back. Bottomline, much to my dismay, I was unable to finish my week 8 as planned. I am limping along on a road to recovery and hope to be back on the ‘mill soon!